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AD Tropical Fruits specializes in growing and exporting premium carambola (starfruit) to European countries. We are passionate about sharing the richness of this tropical fruit with you, ensuring that every bite of our carambola reflects our commitment to excellence.

With certifications in MyGAP, GLOBALG.A.P., and GRASP, we adhere to the high standards of safety, sustainability, and ethical production practices. Whether you are enjoying a slice of carambola alone or incorporating it into your favorite recipes, we invite you to savor the taste of tropical paradise with AD Tropical Fruits.

Let's connect and explore the delightful possibilities together.

Our Vision

on a collaborative journey

We envision a collaborative journey where every individual, from our dedicated farm workers and employees to our valued clients, is deeply connected and engaged. By fostering meaningful relationships and open communication along every step of the process, we aim to produce great quality carambola that delights consumers and leaves a lasting impact.

About Carambola

Beyond its appealing garnishing qualities

The carambola, delightful when consumed fresh, retains its deliciousness whether juiced, cooked, or used to embellish salads and desserts. Not only does it serve as an excellent source of Vitamin C, which aids in fending off colds and flu, but it also boasts high levels of antioxidants, significantly contributing to its overall health benefits. Furthermore, research has shown that the properties of carambola can help reduce high blood pressure, making it a versatile and nutritious addition to any diet.

Packaging Options:

1. Size 10-12, per carton of approximately 1.2 kg
2. Size 20-24, per carton of approximately 2.2 kg

Transport: Air Freight

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