About Carambola

Scientific Name: Averhoa Carambola L.

Common Names:
Starfruit, Carambola, Caramba, Country Goosebery, Kamaranga, Five Coner, Ma-fu’ang, Tamarta, Tapanima, Belimbing Manis, Sungai Besi.

Five inches long with three to five deep ribs and yellow or golden brown skin.

Malaysia, Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka.

Main Area:
Carambola plantation is widely progressing all over Peninsular Malaysia. The main area are in Negeri Sembilan, Selangor, Kedah, Johor, Perak and Melaka.

Nutrient Composition:
There seem to be two varieties : The Sweet Carambola and and The Sour Carambola.
Carambola juice contains about 10% sugar. In comparison Carambola is a poor source of provitamin A, thiamine and riboflavin, a fair source of niacin, and a good source of ascorbic acid.

Proximate Composition Energy 24.0 kcal
Water 9.2%
Protein 0.7 gm
Fat 0.1 gm
Carbohydrate 5.0 gm
Fibre 1.8 gm
Ash 0.4 gm
Minerals Calcium 5.0 mg
Ferum 0.3 mg
Vitamins Carotene 299.0 ug
Total A 50.0 ug
Vitamin B1 0.07 ug
Vitamin B2 0.07 ug
Vitamin C 25.9 mg

Carambola Color Index

Index 1 : Green

Index 2 : Light Green

Index 3 : Green Yellow

Index 4 : Yellow Green

Index 5 : Yellow

Index 6 : Orange

How To Eat Carambola

Pare away the skin of the green/brown ridges lightly.

Cut sectionally for star shaped servings.

It can be also sliced longitudly.

Savour with a fork.